Omnia Nutriology®

A member of the Omnia Group


Since 1953, with purposeful planning and actions, Omnia has been positioned to make a positive and significant impact in South Africa’s agricultural sector. Our advice and assistance to clients are supported by a holistic approach based on our Nutriology® model. Nutriology® is an approach that focuses on the growth of agricultural crops by developing and then applying specialised products, innovative solutions, technology, services, and client relationships that strives to promote sustainability. Nutriology® refers to a total crop management process and is applied throughout a crop’s lifecycle to increase yield, reduce the risk associated with crop production and increase the farmer’s return on investment.

Omnia Nutriology®

a Holistic approach to crop production

Omnia Nutriology® is based on twelve core principles that, in our opinion, will ensure the future success of all parties involved in our business, from our suppliers to our shareholders and customers. It is supported by the OMNIA Nutriology® Solutions Development department whose members constantly strive to develop specialised solutions and products with the use of integrated technology, knowledge, and innovative ideas.