Omnia Nutriology® 

A member of the Omnia Group


Advanced technology is the cornerstone of Omnia’s scientific approach to optimal crop production. Our highly qualified research agronomists and scientists are constantly searching for and developing new technology that will reduce our farmers’ risk and improve their yields and quality.  

Part of our technological offering is a complete precision farming service we offer our clients. Soil samples across a particular field are collected using a pre-defined grid pattern. Using a GPS, field boundaries are mapped and the positioning of sample points within the field are determined. Both top and subsoil samples are taken at each grid point.  

Following this, soil samples are taken to the Omnia Chemtech laboratory where they are meticulously analysed to determine the exact status of various nutrients present in the soil.  

Soil maps depicting attributes such as effective depth and plant-available water, can then be generated. The spatial variation of plant nutrients can also be mapped using the chemical analysis of the soil sample.  

Even more data can be obtained through yield monitors. As a combine harvester travels through a field, the yield monitor records a series of GPS positions and yields at those positions. This data can be used in models developed by Omnia. These models, OmniZone™ and OmniRiskIQ™ can assist the farmer in making informed choices when planning the next season.  

The OmniPrecise® department also employs tools such as physical soil classification, drones and remote sensing so that they can best assist the farmer in reducing his risk and increasing yields. 

The data collected through soil sampling, together with soil classification and yield monitors, gives producers a competitive edge that ensures optimal resource utilisation and field management. 

Because of the constant changes in the farming environment, you need a partner that remains consistent.