Omnia Nutriology® 

A member of the Omnia Group


Omnia’s speciality fertilizers are sophisticated products that contain plant nutrients and bio-stimulants to optimise nutrient efficiency, crop yield and quality.

The products in this range consist of water soluble and liquid products that could be applied through foliar sprays, directly to the soil or through fertigation. It contains all the plant nutritional elements at specific ratios required by different crops and growth stages.


Increase yield with Omnia’s Speciality range

The new range of Omnia speciality fertilizers (Custom Range) is rich in micronutrients, elicitors, bio-stimulants and other beneficial nutrients to further enhance agronomic efficiency.

Gel PRISMA™ Range

The gel base can hold a higher concentration of nutrients, which will be to the economic advantage of the farmer.
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Complete nutrition for undercover crops and field hydroponics
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Optimised fertigation using non-corrosive, easy to use products specifically for pivots to Increase yield and improve quality.
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A highly soluble, best quality standard source of calcium and nitrate
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Premium fertigation solution for high value crops
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Omniboost / Kelp-P-Max / Magical
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