Omnia Nutriology® 

A member of the Omnia Group


At the very heart of the Omnia Nutriology® philosophy lies the development of a range of innovative products… which relies on the expert work of a client-driven Research and Development department. 

The focus of R&D is not only on minimising potential risk, but also on improving yields by actively dealing with practical issues facing farmers on a daily basis.  

Concentrating on applied research and development has a direct influence on agronomic farming practices. 

After the development of a new product, our highly skilled research agronomists will conduct trials both in the greenhouse and on the farm, to test across a range of environments. This gives us absolute confidence that we will be recommending high quality products to our clients.  

The research team uses statistical methods of repetition as well as placement tests. Results are then statistically analysed, taking all variables into consideration and eliminating any arbitrary effects. Through this process we are assured that the tested product actively contributes to increased yield. 

We also conduct research to determine the most efficient use of fertilizers to pinpoint the optimal rate and placement method for different environmental conditions. Water-use-efficiency is another subject on our list of priorities, as water is such a scarce resource in South Africa and is therefore one of the biggest challenges facing the sustainability of our farmers. 

Field research provides our clients with highly specialised location-specific results… which take factors such as rainfall, temperature and various other influences into careful consideration. 

Omnia’s commitment to investing in Research and Development allows producers the best possible opportunity to make wise and informed decisions when it comes to increasing their yield, and minimising risk.