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Ammonia Gas

Ammonia gas (N-Gas) contains the highest concentration of nitrogen and reacts with water to form ammonium hydroxide. It can be applied as part of a pre-plant or general fertilizer programme.This is an ideal option for farmers who do not have the necessary storage facilities for fertilizer as it is applied using special equipment supplied by Omnia.

The benefits of N-Gas include:

  • High concentration nitrogen source, which requires lower application rates, easy handling and less transport cost
  • Calibration is checked on a regular basis by Omnia
  • Less nitrogen leaching in soils low in clay while in the ammonium form. Larger soil volumes will be enriched with pressurised ammonia gas which reacts immediately with soil moisture. Plant roots respond extremely well to the nitrogen rich zones;
  • Omnia implements are used for application
  • Can easily be used in a plant nutrition programme with other plant nutrients (granular or liquid fertilizer);
  • Variable rate ammonia gas application is possible
  • Theft is minimised
  • Can be applied up to six months prior to planting