Omnia Nutriology® 

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Increase yield with Omnia’s Speciality – GEL PRISMA™ RANGE
The new range of Omnia speciality fertilizers is rich in micronutrients, elicitors, bio-stimulants and other beneficial nutrients to further enhance agronomic efficiency.
Some advantages of the PRISMA™ Gel product range includes:
  • Gel products easily soluble and safe to use
  • Less spillage and wastage
  • Environmentally friendly packaging that uses less plastic
  • Regulated droplet size reduces spray drift
  • Improved wetting characteristics for better absorption
  • Takes longer to dry on the leaf, giving longer absorption time
  • Targeted nutrition focuses on specific crops, growth stages or stress situations to ensure specific outcomes.
Micronutrients, or trace elements, are just as essential for optimal plant growth and production as macronutrients, even though smaller doses are required by crops. Johnson et al. (2002) showed a significant negative effect on fruit yield and quality when micronutrients are in short supply. 

Global fruit markets demand high quality fruit with optimal size, firmness, sugar and color attributes. Fruit that do not meet these requirements are often downgraded from export class. Improved fruit firmness at harvest and storage significantly improves shelf life of the harvested fruit. Increased Brix index leads to decreased disease incidence as well as higher market prices. Higher Brix index is indicative of a higher sugar content, which is desirable to consumers, which leads to a higher market value. 

STARLIGHT™ has been formulated to provide the nutrients needed for the plant to build the necessary biomass to combat stress and support good, high quality yields. Amino acids and natural growth promoters work together to improve and maintain plant health.


TWILIGHT™ is the perfect product for crops to ensure a strong root system which will with- stand environmental stresses and improved water use efficiency, so that the plant will stay productive, even when water is in short supply. It is an excellent product to apply just prior to or just after a stress event as it reduces stress symptoms and delays senescence. With it’s full range of micronutrients and selected macro and secondary nutrients, TWILIGHT TM also supports seed germination and improves fruit set and fruit size. It can be used to alleviate or prevent micronutrient deficiencies.