Omnia Nutriology® 

A member of the Omnia Group


Crop producers face many challenges, including pressure to produce higher yields, limited irrigation water supply and the need for ever-increasing crop quality and longer shelf-life of products.  

As a market leader, Omnia has spent three decades developing a large range of customised products in order to overcome these challenges. Omnia’s Specialty products comprise a comprehensive range of water soluble and foliar products, trace elements and organic soil conditioners rich in micronutrients, elicitors, bio-stimulants, and beneficial elements to further enhance agronomic efficiency and ensure that specific nutritional needs are addressed effectively.  

In addition, Omnia is also the only company in South Africa that produces chemically granulated fertilizer on a large scale. These products contain all the registered nutrients in each granule, ensuring even distribution and optimising yield and quality. Our range of fertilizer products also contain liquids and N-gas. 

At Omnia, we are continuously exploring new ideas and innovative solutions to improve our methods and our products. We can therefore offer superior quality products, such as the Nitrophos included in our chemically granulated products. This source of phosphate also contain calcium and sulphur, which ads more value than other phosphate sources. 

The nitrogen contained in our chemically granulated products are in the form of ammonium nitrate. The optimal ratio of ammonium and nitrate is crop specific, but a ratio of 25% ammonium and 75% nitrate nitrogen is usually optimal for grains. This ratio helps to improve nitrogen uptake in plants by up to 75%, which can make yield and quality improvements of up to 40% possible.  

Omnia’s product range, in combination with the highly qualified Omnia agronomist, will not only optimise yield and crop quality, but also reduce risk and ensure sustainable agriculture over the long term.