Omnia Nutriology® 

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A zone is an area within a field that responds much in the same way to certain inputs such as fertilizer or water. Yield data, either from combine harvester yield monitors or satellite derived yield estimates, is the most reliable method to identify in-field variation. By normalizing and combining at least three years of yield data, fields are divided into multiple areas (or zones) with similar yield potential. OMNIZONE™ typically classifies the data into three (Above average, Average and Below average) or five (Far above average, Above average, Average, Below average and Far below average) management zones, according to the farmers preference.

The benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency as inputs are only applied in the most effective zones
  • Improved productivity of fertility limited soils
  • Lowered input costs on low potential soils
  • Reduced risk and increased profits
  • Improved soil health and protected natural resources